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The next initiative is on July 22, 2023

Springs Initiative is a time when we as believers can be the hands and feet of Jesus and bless the residents of Colorado Springs. We will choose 3-4 residents and give their home a "facelift" as we work along side them and minister to them and their neighbors. Projects will consist of exterior painting, landscaping, tree/hedge trimming, cleaning out sheds, etc. and of course prayer over the families and neighbors.

Volunteer Positions

All ages can participate in the Springs Initiative! We especially encourage families to serve the community together.


There are several categories of volunteers that we need here at The Springs Initiative. Please review these needs and then help us find just the right spot for you to share your talents and your love in our city!

Workday Volunteer:

Time: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Age: All ages welcome (children under 12 must be supervised by their parent or gaurdian)

You will bring joy and new hope to neighborhoods and neighbors in need! Depending on the pre-determined worksites for each workday, you will:
– Paint the exterior of homes
– Paint the exterior of schools
– Clean up outdoor public areas
– Participate in gardening and yard work
– Clean up the exteriors of homes
– Bring joy, love and hope, through the love and salvation of Jesus Christ

Hospitality Volunteer:

Time: (1st Shift) 6:00 AM –11:00 AM (2nd shift) 11:00-5:00 PM
Age: All ages welcome (children under 12 must be supervised by their parent or gaurdian)

You will begin at The Road @ Chapel Hills with breakfast preparation, volunteer check-in, and T-Shirt sales/distribution. Then you will move to the work site where you will help distribute drinks during the workday and set up lunch. 

Clean Crew:

Time: 12 Noon – 4:00 PM
Age: All ages welcome (children under 12 must be supervised by their parent or gaurdian)

You can help clean up the work sites by organizing equipment, cleaning paint brushes and making sure that each site is finished with excellence. You can participate as a workday volunteer and sign up for the clean up crew.

Prayer Volunteer:

Pray for the families of the worksites and the volunteers.

Photography/Video Volunteer:

Take photos and videos of the event. Submit photos/video clips from the workday.

Example Work Day Schedule

1. Arrive at The Road @ Chapel Hills building: 2025 Parliament Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80908.
2. Sign liability and model release forms.
3. Light breakfast will be provided.
4. Receive workday address and map.
5. Depart for workday location in your own vehicle. 


Arrive at work site and begin painting houses, construction projects and cleaning up yards.

Eat lunch together! Lunch is provided for volunteers.

Finish work and clean up!

What to Bring


Paint Brush

If Possible

Work gloves
Step ladders
Brushes and Rollers (These will likely not be returned to you.)
Roller extension poles
Plastic sheeting
Lawn tools; i.e. rakes, clippers, shovels, etc.

Note: Please mark your names on any of this equipment that you want to be returned. If not, it will either be disposed of or added to our inventory for future Springs Initiative workdays.

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